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Tip of the day

Greet every colleague you meet 👋

By greeting colleagues in a respectful manner, you contribute to a positive atmosphere in the workplace. And who knows what great conversations or new contacts this could bring. So take up the challenge and make it a game!
"Say Hi" Challenge
Set yourself a goal to greet a certain number of colleagues every day for a week. This could be by simply saying "hello", giving a nod, showing a smile or making a friendly gesture, looking them straight in the eye.
Share the greeting challenge on social media
Encourage others to join in. By sharing your experiences and inspiring others, you can have a positive impact on a larger community and increase the sense of belonging.
The great thing about the greeting challenge is that it makes you aware of the importance of positive contact and helps you create a friendlier and more welcoming environment. It can also lead to interesting encounters, smiles and possibly build new friendships.
So why not join a greeting challenge and greet your colleagues in a positive way? It can be a simple but powerful way to make a difference in the atmosphere and enhance the feeling of being at home at work.